The Absolute Opposite Of Ordinary

Good car commercials are few and far between. Most of them are either boring or even embarrassing in their desperate attempt to be funny or clever. Along comes the official Maserati Super Bowl spot (yes, I’m probably the last

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The Quirks Of Modern ‘Friend-Love’

Artist and illustrator Yumi Sakugawa’s latest work is an adorable and quirky comic-style book with the equally strange title ‘I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You’. I didn’t even know that something like friend-love exist but here is

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Ten Ways a Condom Can’t Protect You

‘Ten Ways a Condom Can’t Protect You’ is a video that illustrates how a condom would fail to protect you from dangers such as the Death Star, Velociraptors, Daleks, Lord Voldemort and some other hazards that immediately come to

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Nike – Play Russian

Agreed, it’s Winter. But according to Nike you should do your sport outsides anyway. Conceived by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, this Nike ad features famous Russian athletes like ice hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, long jumper Darya Klishina, as well

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YouTube Comment Reconstruction #1

Yes, the YouTube comment section can sometimes make you question humanity, but here is why I love the internet anyway: It’s perhaps the only place where two elderly British actors can reenact the YouTube comment fight between ‘Sophie Danze’

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