70th Anniversary Of Fleischer Studios Superman Animated Shorts

A few days ago September 26th marked the 70th anniversary of Fleischer Studios Superman Animated Shorts. It’s a gorgeously animated interpretation of the Man of Steel that even today is seen as one of the most definitive of the

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Nude Art

You probably think “oh – just another nude photography”. But take a look again. A good look. Yes, you saw it right, it is indeed a painting. The Mexican artist Omar Ortiz proofs that painting can be more than

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Insane Russian Pepsi Max Ads

These creepy but strangely appealing print ads by BBDO, Russia were just shortlisted by the Moscow Advertising Festival Jury. For some reason I kind of like them … via

Soul Man – Superfunky Sexy Sci-Fi Action

Beautifully pristine HD CGI, an upside down city built above another city, a gorgeous 70s vibe in a blackxploitation style Mission Impossible plot, or – as one commenter on Vimeo put it: “dis shit be off the hook yo,

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