On Vacation

Dear all, it’s summertime and I’m overdue for an extended vacation and some serious rest on a different Isle. I’ll be back with you all in early September! Have a great summer and don’t do anything I wouldn’t …

Water Light Graffiti

How great is that. Artist Antonin Fourneau constructed a piece of art that lets you create illuminated graffiti with moisture. It’s accomplished through a matrix of LEDs embedded in a moisture-sensitive surface that instantly illuminates when exposed to water.

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Gold Medal Movies

These days it’s tough to sell DVDs and BlueRays on a normal day. During the Olympics it’s definitely a real challenge. JWT, Cape Town shows how to tackle it with this hilarious campaign for kalahari.com by turning Mission Impossible,

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Imagine it’s monday and you just landed on the most boring planet. That about sums it up for Curiosity which just landed on Mars and doesn’t seem to be particular happy about it. Here are some of its tweets:

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