At this years Sundance this short film with impressive special effects by Factory Fifteen stood out for me: ‘Jonah’ by Kibwe Tavares, the poetic adventure of a young man in Zanzibar who discovers the largest fish in the world.

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The Street Artist Practice Book

You want to be a street artist but you don’t want to deal with the downsides that come with the job such as being outside in the cold, getting caught, night shifts, possible jail time etc.? No problem. Be

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Made In Japan

Istanbul-based design consultancy Antrepo created these minimal logo designs for web brands like Facebook, Google and YouTube. Antrepo, led by designer Mehmet Gozetlik was inspired by the simple engraved logos line drawings found on vintage Japanese cameras manufactured in

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Cerise Doucède Is Afloat

It takes French photographer Cerise Doucède three days to create each of these surreal photos of people posing amidst swarms of flying objects. The result is eerily intriguing … via

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