The Worst Book Covers And Titles

The title says it all – Bored Panda just posted a nice collection of the worst book covers and titles ever released – have fun!       See the whole collection at BP. via

The Beauty Of Rotten Food

Let’s start the week with some yummy food photography of a completetly differend kind: Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler made the series “One Third” which shows food which is no longer edible, at various stages of decay. The products used

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The Oscar Etiquette

It’s Aaaaand-the-Oscar-goes-toooooo-time again and ABC did a nice teaser starring Mike Myers taking Kevin Kline through an Oscar refresher course. Prepare for the Oscar®-Nighte and check this:

This Is My Home

This Is My Home is the story of Anthony Pisano, a delightful New York City man with an amazing collection of vintage and antique curiosities that people often mistake for an antiques shop. Filmmaking couple Kelsey Holtaway and Mark

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